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What benefits does the High Anxiety Impact Crate offer for high-anxiety and escape artist dogs?Updated 2 months ago

The High Anxiety Impact Crate is designed to provide a secure and safe space for dogs that have high anxiety or are prone to escaping from other crates. Customers report that their dogs feel secure and safe in the crate, with many settling in quickly and showing reduced signs of anxiety. The sturdy construction and heavy-duty latches make the crate escape-proof and bite-proof, helping to contain even the most talented escape artists. Furthermore, the crate offers additional privacy for dogs, which can help alleviate anxiety. The design also appears to be calming for dogs, providing them with a dark and enclosed space where they can feel comfortable. It is praised for its durability, easy assembly, and the fact that it has a resale value due to its quality construction. In essence, the High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate has been shown to be a worthwhile investment for pet owners whose dogs suffer from severe separation anxiety or who have a continuous problem with other crates.

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