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Are the airline rails required with a Collapsible Crate?

Airline Rails are necessary when using the Collapsible Crate, as they ensure the crate's overall structural integrity.

Can you fly with the Collapsible crate?

The Collapsible crate can become airline compatible with the IATA brackets, which can be found on our Accessories page. We recommend calling the airline you plan to fly with ahead of time, as each airline has specific requirements for flying with pet

Does the Collapsible Crate rattle?

Generally, if the Crate is rattling, it's because the rubber stopper on the inside of the Door has fallen off. This is a similar kind of stopper you find on cabinet doors. If this happens, just contact us and we'll replace it free of charge. Sometime

How do I strap this crate to a vehicle?

Most vehicles will have D-rings or hooks in its cargo area to securely fasten items. The most common way to secure the crate is to pull a tie-down or ratchet strap through the two handles (located on top of the crate) and connect it to the tie-down p

Will this crate fit in my vehicle?

To determine the best crate model and size for your vehicle, we ask that you find the length, width and height measurements of your vehicle's cargo area or truck bed. Once you have these dimensions, feel free to chat with us and we can help you choos

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You never think that it could happen to you, but what if it does? Millions of car accidents occur every year, and every time a driver is on the road, there is always a risk, whether you know it or not. Most seasoned drivers will likely have a story a

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