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Collapsible Crate

My dog damaged the Collapsible crate. What do I do?

Please contact us, we will do our best to find a solution for you.

Are the airline rails required with a Collapsible Crate?

Yes and they are included with the purchase of the Collapsible crate.

Does the Collapsible Crate have a warranty?

At Impact Dog Crates, we’re proud to offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner against defects in materials or workmanship. If something goes wrong, we'll repair or replace the necessary parts, and we'll cover the parts cost – you just handle t

Can you fly with the Collapsible crate?

The Collapsible crate can become airline compatible with our IATA brackets, which can be found on our Accessories page. We recommend calling the airline you plan to fly with ahead of time, as each airline has specific requirements for flying with pet

Does the Collapsible Crate rattle?

The Collapsible crate is very strong and very sturdy. If you have a rattle it is most likely from the rubber stopper falling off on the inside of the door. This can sometimes happen during climate changes. Please feel free to contact our support team

What are IATA Brackets?

We engineered sturdy IATA-approved brackets to transform your Collapsible Impact Dog Crate into a stationary crate in order to meet the IATA (International Air Transport Association) pet cargo requirements. Enjoy the benefits of a durable airline app

Can my dog destroy or escape the Collapsible Crate?

The Collapsible crate is not designed for dogs who escape or show signs of anxiety. Although this crate is much stronger than traditional wire and plastic crates, the hinges and folding design of this crate is not ideal for anxious dogs. We have spec

Does the Collapsible Crate come with smaller ventilation holes?

We are unable to add the High Anxiety ventilation holes to the Collapsible crate.

How do I assemble my Collapsible crate?

Please see this video for assembly instructions.

How tall is the Collapsible crate when collapsed?

The Collapsible Crate is 8" in height when collapsed (this applies for all sizes).