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General Crate Questions

Do you cover dog damage?

The High Anxiety crate is our only crate covered by the 10-year Dog Damage Warranty. We do not cover dog damage on the Stationary or Collapsible crate models.

What are the interior dimensions?

The internal dimensions of all of our crates are just 1/2" less than the external dimensions listed on each product page.

Do the crates get hot?

Aluminum dog crates are designed to dissipate heat effectively, making them a cooler option for your pet. It's important to note that we strongly advise against placing these crates in direct sunlight for extended periods. Additionally, we firmly dis

Do any crates have a removable tray?

Our crates do not come with a removable tray. However, each one features a flat bottom that is designed for easy cleaning.

Securing your Impact Dog Crate in a vehicle.

Most vehicles will have D-rings or hooks in its cargo area to securely fasten items. The most common way to secure the crate is to pull a tie-down or ratchet strap through the two handles (located on top of the crate) and connect it to the tie-down p

Can I make customizations or changes to a crate?

Currently, we are unable to provide any customizations or alterations to our dog crates. We can only offer them as they are displayed on our website.

Do the crates provide sufficient ventilation?

Our crates are designed to offer substantial airflow, and we have not had any incidents of dogs overheating in our crates when they are situated in a temperature-controlled environment.

When will it be back in stock?

Due to the high demand for our crates, our stock levels are continuously fluctuating, making it challenging to provide a precise restock time. To stay informed about the availability of the crate you're interested in, please use our "notify me" featu

What is the difference between the Stationary and High Anxiety crate?

The High Anxiety crate will have double the thickness of aluminum, welded and riveted, and reduced 1/2" ventilation holes. It incorporates the use of a paddle latch rather than the slam latch and also includes 4 additional butterfly latches for extra

What is the difference between the Stationary and Collapsible crate?

The Stationary and Collapsible crates share a lot of similar features. The two features that set them apart from one another are:Collapsible: Set up is under 60 seconds. Stationary: Side door add-on compatible. Both are great options it just comes do